Search File(s)

Returns results containing files and directories matching the search criteria. The search is performed on the filename, metadata and file info.

GET /v4/search

API Permissions


Query Parameters

Parameter Type Default Description
q string [REQUIRED] Search pattern matching the file name or properties (tags).
folder string / [OPTIONAL] Folder to start the search from. Case sensitive.
limit integer 1000 [OPTIONAL] Specifies the maximum amount of files and folders to return. [1-4000].
offset integer 0 [OPTIONAL] Specifies the offset of files and folders to display.
mime mimeType None [OPTIONAL] Returns only files from specified mimeType.
order string filename [OPTIONAL] Order results by: updated_at created_at Append ,asc or ,desc to get ascending or descending results. Example: updated_at,desc

Try it out


Copy-paste the cURL request in your Terminal or click on the API Explorer tab to see the API in action.

host: '' path: /v4/search headers: Content-Type: 'application/json; charset=utf-8' X-Filerobot-Key: 19692813e7364ef8ad6a6504d50a12ca parameters: q: '*car*' folder: '*' limit: 10 theme: clouds-midnight editor_theme: clouds_midnight method: GET render: curl_tab: true


    "status": "success",
    "files": [
            "uuid": "896c409f-c89d-54fc-9881-5fc6f8450000",
            "name": "116675.jpeg",
            "size": {
                "bytes": 109999,
                "pretty": "107.42 KB"
            "flags": null,
            "type": "image/jpeg",
            "info": {
                "img_h": 563,
                "img_w": 1000,
                "img_type": "JPEG"
            "meta": {
                "lang": "en",
                "tags": [
                    "Land vehicle",
                    "Sport utility vehicle",
                    "Range rover evoque",
                    "Range rover",
                    "Compact sport utility vehicle",
                    "Land rover",
                    "Automotive design",
                "search": " car",
                "test_key": "",
                "test_key_2": "",
                "description": ""
            "visibility": {
                "value": "VISIBILITY_INHERIT",
                "inherited": "VISIBILITY_INHERIT",
                "set": "VISIBILITY_INHERIT",
                "actual": "VISIBILITY_INHERIT"
            "url": {
                "public": "",
                "permalink": "",
                "cdn": "",
                "path": "/dima_test_7_en%3Aold_1599643375/116675.jpeg"
            "hash": {
                "sha1": "67a13e1d12b0da04cda3a4e599d42cbc78ca7d98",
                "blurhash": null
            "created_at": "2020-04-03T14:19:40Z",
            "modified_at": "2020-06-02T14:14:30Z",
            "folder": {
                "uuid": "cee4a554-e002-5eb0-80e1-bc38fc8e1050",
                "name": "/dima_test_7_en:old_1599643375"
            "product": {
                "ref": null,
                "position": null
    "folders": [],
    "info": {
        "total_files_count": 1,
        "total_files_method": "COUNT_EXACT",
        "atom": "atom006",
        "response_time_s": 0.401