API Access Keys

API Access Keys are temporary keys with configurable permissions and restrictions to be used in frontend browser interactions with the Filerobot store.

API Access Keys are generated by calling:

POST /key

API Permissions


Request Body (example)

    "data": {
        "upload": {
            "limit_per_min": 5, 
            "max": 6,
            "limit_per_source_ip": 12,
            "dir_scope": [
            "max_file_size": 1048576
        "restrictions" : {
            "whitelist_ip_ranges": [
            "whitelist_countries": [
        "key_validity": {
            "expire_duration": 600
        "listing": {
            "dir_scope": [
            "max": 3
        "permissions": [

All parameters are optional.


upload sets limits on the /upload API

Parameter Description Default
limit_per_min maximum number of uploads per minute with the key unlimited
max maximum number of uploads allowed with the key unlimited
limit_per_ip_source Maximum number of uploads allowed by IP by the key unlimited
dir_scope Directories where the key is allowed to upload. If you want to allow all subdirectories of /folder, set the value to /folder/* all directories
max_file_size Maximum upload size in bytes 500 MB


restrictions restricts API calls based on IP address ranges and | or countries

Parameter Description Default
whitelist_ip_ranges Allowed IP ranges for using the key from
format accepted:,, ...
whitelist_countries Allowed countries for using the key from.
Provide the code ISO of the country
all countries

The IP are converted to country thanks to GeoLite2


key_validity allows to set validity period of key, for example to match the user's session length in your authenticated application

Parameter Description Default
expiration_duration time in second before the key expires 1200 s (20 minutes)


listing sets limit on all the API except /upload

Parameter Description Default
dir_scope directories from where it's allowed to list file. If you want to allow all subdirectories of /folder you need to set the value to /folder/* /* (all directories)
max maximum of call to the API Unlimited


permissions permissions on file operations (list, search, ...) granted to the key.

Permission name Description
OBJECTS_FETCH Fetch/Access file
FILE_UPLOAD Upload file
FILE_RENAME Rename file
FILE_MOVE Move file
FILE_META_CHANGE Create file metadata
FILE_DELETE Delete file
DIR_CREATE Create directory
DIR_RENAME Rename directory
DIR_MOV Move directory
DIR_META_CHANGE Create directory metadata
DIR_DELETE Delete directory
CONFIG_CHANGE Change storage container configuration
CONFIG_LIST List storage container configuration

Try it out


Copy-paste the cURL request in your Terminal or click on the API Explorer tab to see the API in action.

host: 'https://api.filerobot.com' path: /fusqadtm/key method: POST parameters: {} variables: {} headers: Content-Type: 'application/json; charset=utf-8' X-Filerobot-Key: 19692813e7364ef8ad6a6504d50a12ca body: | { "data": { "permissions": [ "FILE_UPLOAD", "OBJECTS_LIST", "OBJECTS_FETCH" ] } } theme: clouds-midnight curlAPIKey: "" axiosTimeout: 35000 maxContentLength: 150000 render: curl_tab: true


    "status": "success",
    "key": "SASS__v1.05__QOxoDcJ8WauUmcvR3cylWYukGch5Sb0RWYxNXdmthOklAMwITM6U2ZhlgNzQzM2ETN2UTM6Q3c__8bad25726d",
    "hint": "New key created and ready to use",
    "debug": null