Image Manipulation

In order to load fast on any device around the World, images must be resized, cropped and compressed. No need to push a 10MP image to deliver a thumbnail on the end-user device. Filerobot will manipulate and transform your images to be optimized for web delivery and save you hours in image management.

If you do not need storage of your origin (master) images and Digital Asset Management but just on-the-fly image transformation and CDN delivery, check-out Cloudimage. Cloudimage will pull your images from your origin hosting (web server, S3 bucket, ...), cache, compress and deliver them over CDN. If you want to transform and accelerate both images stored in Filerobot and images hosted by yourself, then use Filerobot and continue reading.

Section Description
Introduction Get stared with image transformations with the Filerobot URL
Operations Learn how to resize, crop, cut and fit images.
Filters Apply filters to deliver beautiful images to your end users.
Watermarking Whether static or dynamic, Watermarking will protect your images from being stolen by 3rd parties.
Compression Traditional JPEG compression is not well-suited for the web. Learn how to compress images and deliver them in web-friendly formats like WebP.