Deploying optimised images over CDN

To deploy optimised images over the Filerobot CDN, you need to replace your image URLs in your HTML5 code. Refer to the Image Manipulation section for all image resizing and optimisation features.

A Filerobot CDN URL follows the pattern: //{token}{folder}/{filename}

Manual implementation

If your Web application does not use a CMS (Wordpress, Drupal, ...), e-commerce platform (Prestashop, Magenta, ...) or development framework (React, Angular, Django, ...) then you need to adapt your image URLs in your HTML <img> tags.

For example, if your origin image is available at{token}/{folder}/{filename}.jpg and referenced in your code as:

<src="{token}/{folder}/{filename}.jpg" />

Then you need to adapt it to be:

<src="https://{token}{folder}/{filename}?operations&filters" />


  • token: your Filerobot token you obtain after registering for a Filerobot account
  • operations: the resizing operation as listed under Operations
  • filters: the filter transformation as listed under Filters

Scripted implementation

To automate the replacement of your image URLs, we have developed the Cloudimage Responsive Images plugin.

The plugin will adapt all your URLs automatically and offers built-in Responsive Design, Lazyloading, Progressive Loading and many more features to make your website responsive, fast and add nice loading effects to your images.

React plugin

Supported with React 16.3+



code sandbox


Angular plugin

Supported with Angular 4+



code sandbox


The responsive images plugin is only one of our multiple Open Source plugins for delivering optimised images and creating better user experiences on the web and mobile, checkout our other plugins:

Create beautiful 360° experiences

Cloudimage 360° plugin

Embed a state-of-the art Image Editor in your web application and let users modify images inline Filerobot Image Editor

Deploying other media assets (video, audio, files, ...) over CDN

To deploy any other media asset over the Filerobot CDN, simply use the following URL format to deliver it:

<src="https://{token}{folder}/{filename}" />

Filerobot will fetch the media asset from your Filerobot store and delver it over CDN.