Deliver & Accelerate

The third stage in the lifecycle of your assets is their delivery to your end user on your web or mobile application. Images and assets are by default delivered over the Filerobot CDN to load as fast as possible everywhere around the World.

Section Description
Implementation Meet our JS, Angular and React plugins to integrate Filerobot in your web application easily.
Responsive Images Adapt the size if your images to any screen size and deliver optimized images.
Custom CNAME Get a custom CNAME for assets to be delivered to your users via your own domain name.
CDN Manage caching and invalidation on the CDN. Learn how the Filerobot CDN adds a layer of security to your application.

Already have a CDN contract? Contact us to learn more about "Bring your own CDN" and use your CDN to deliver assets stored and optimised by Filerobot. This option is only available under the ENTERPRISE Plan.