Asset visibility

Filerobot allows you to control the visibility of each object (folder or file).

Public The asset will be publicly visible by anyone who has the URL to the asset
Organisation The asset can be seen by anyone logged in your Filerobot organisation
Private Offers more granular access control. The asset can only be seen by the owner or by users/teams within the organisation if you have granted them specifically the permissions
Secret The asset can only be seen by its owner
Inherit Remove the current visibility setting for this asset - the new visibility will be inherited from the parent folder or from the container settings ([default visibility](#Root folder visibility)).

If you are using the sharing feature, you need to make sure that the visibility of the desired assets is set to public.

To set the visibility for an asset, you can select the asset(s) and use the Change visibility in the asset drop-down menu.


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Visibility modal

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Root folder visibility

You can set the default visibility of the root folder in Settings / Store / Container.

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